"Those who dream during the day will always have an advantage
over those who only dream at night"
Edgar Allan Poe
Welcome to Miramar

We are united in our enthusiasm for sailing, cruising and ... dining.


Escape to an area where sailing re-awakens your senses. Feel the southerly breezes that will fill your sails and your day with experiences that make you feel vital and alive. Experience fishing in an ocean filled with snappers, blues, bass, and fluke. Enjoy a swim in the pool or sit in the shade and read a book. It’s all right here in Sheepshead Bay, at Miramar Yacht Club. Visit us, tour our club and meet our members.

Incorporated in 1944 as a non-profit volunteer driven organization we were formed to promote sailing and other forms of boating and we do so with gusto. Most of us are sail boaters, some are power boaters. We are racers, day sailors and cruisers; and some of us are paddlers of various persuasions. We are fisherman and we are “feasters” – we love to barbecue, eat, and a good party; our grills are never cold.

There is always something happening at the Club from sail racing and regattas to learning sessions and parties with dancing. Whether you want to bring family and friends for nice sunny day picnic or host a larger event we have plenty of room to make your day or night very special.

Club Members own and manage the club themselves, keeping the cost to operate at a minimum. Club relies primarily on its own members for maintenance and improvements of Club facilities and equipment. All members are expected to participate in the few general maintenance to prepare the Club for opening day usually in May and to close the Club in October.  Besides opening and closing work parties the Club offers an excellent opportunities during the season to participate in various activities from cooking and parties preparations to racing and also to meet, socialize and bond with fellow members. Throughout the year members are also expected to participate at many level in special committees. 

Located in Sheepshead Bay Miramar Yacht Club perfectly situated very close to public transportation, only minutes from Brooklyn finest cuisine and Coney Island beaches and access to finest sailing grounds only a quick hop to the open Ocean.

From the Bridge

Owning a boat is not a membership requirement at Miramar.

The biggest privilege in life is to be able to do what you love to do. When you are on the boat and your sails are set and full of wind, you  suddenly realize that everything is in its place like completing a puzzle and all is clear of what is important and what isn't. It's truly a heavenly experience.

While the focus of the Club is to encourage and support recreational sailing activities, we have many social activities which appeal to boaters and non-boaters alike. Our Club is made up a variety of people of all ages, various backgrounds and occupations from all around Brooklyn and beyond who share a genuine interest in having fun both on and off the water and love boats and sailing. All you need to belong is a desire to have fun and get acquainted.

Miramar Yacht Club always welcomes new members. There are different types of membership available, and you don't have to own a boat to become a member or to go out and enjoy sailing every day. Contact our officers and come for a visit; we will be glad to show you around. Let us show you how easy and economical it is to access and enjoy the water in New York City.