Ensign Fall Series 2017

Autumn is easily favorite time of the year for many sailors. The days have cooled down, The winds are stronger and unpredictable.  There's something magical about the clear brisk days out on the water; comfy fleece warms the soul and a cup of tea or hot cocoa seems like a great idea. Autumn is a beautiful, so are the races at Miramar.

These are the results of 2017 Ensign Fleet 21 Fall Series hosted by Miramar Yacht Club

1st place - UFORIA - Skipper Andrew Shabalin
2nd place - SPLASH - Skipper Richard Lubell
3nd place - CELEST - Skipper Leon Paley

Score calculation:

  • Every boat captain is entitled to take a role as a committee boat, maximum one time in the entire season and earn 0 points for that day races.

  • Boat/captain finished first in a single race gets 3/4 of a point, boat/captain finished second gets 2 points, and so on..

  • Boat captain that participated in the race as a crew and thus could not skipper his/her own boat qualified as DNS and gets (№ of boats in the race + 1) points for each race that day.

  • Boat/Captain that didn't participate in the race gets (№ of boats in the race + 2) points for each race that day.

  • It is allowed to throw out worse day result one time only.


Marks examples: RW15P - Rockaway Channel 15 to Port; SB4S - Sheepshead Bay Channel 4 to Starboard; PB2P - Plumb Beach 2 to Port; F - finish; dnf - did not finish; dns - did not start