Miramar Trophy Regatta 2016
Ensign Class

2016 sailing season started slow, very slow. First, wet weather delayed some boats to be launched as scheduled, so SILVERSURFER and UFORIA were launched two weeks post commission day. Second, with our tenders being out of service it was little activity at the club. Hopefully, we will have tenders in operation on Monday June 6th.

Despite all difficulties, racers were very optimistic and gathered for our first 2016 Trophy regatta for Ensign class boats. In total there were 8 boats at the starting line.

With the record high tide (about 6.3 feet) it was expected to be a difficult race with tidal current being close to 3 knots. Fortunately for the racers, time of the high tide coincided with time scheduled for the beginning of the race. Also, the wind which expected to be very light (W-SW 2-6 m/h) picked up and was blowing at 12-15.

Originally, it was planned to have only two races, considering tidal current and light speed. However, changed weather conditions allowed enough time for the third race. Committee boat - Eli Gaba on SPINDRIFT with Felix Pustilnik.

Rich Lubell (SPLASH-1598) once again proved to be the best; although he was fourth in the first race, he and his crew managed to get on top of the list beating everybody in the second and third race. Barbara Banchik (LUCKY US- 1498) stable second place in all three races. Nasim Shamailov (SILVERSURFER-620) who flew ahead of everyone in first race made a lot of mistakes in the third, therefore taking third position in the regatta.

Division One
Division One

It is time for big boys to play. Our cruising yachts will lined up for a race on 18th of June.  Beautiful calm weather, great company and party afterwards; can beat that.

All races in Division One category are handicap races calculated by PHRF ratings and each boat time.

Miramar Trophy Division one Notice of Race 2016