Miramar Lobel Regatta 2020
Ensign Class


The race was scheduled June 13th, 2020 at 13:00 but conducted at 15:00; to ensure better winds, as light winds predominated the midday.

Five boats competed. Given the shifting nature of the wind, from west to south, the starting line was at R15. The prevailing breeze was south at 10 mph. The tide was going out after 15:00.

Racing was invigorating and memorizing. The winds were variable at first but picked up with mostly a south breeze near 10 knots. Three courses were run, with the help of Barbara Banchik as race committee for the day.
Course 1: R15 to SB3 to R13 and finish
Course 2: R15 to SB3 to SB1 to R13 and finish
Course 3: R15 to SB4 to SB2 and finish

Andrew Shabalin and his crew on Uforia proved the best and most consistent, but the final standings were not determined until the 3rd race. 
Nasim Shamailov and his crew on Silver Surfer closed in on the lead by winning the last race, but fell one point behind in 2nd.
Christin Friley and her crew performed very well, placing 2nd in the last race and 3rd overall for the day. Congratulations to all.

Division One
Division One

Regatta was scheduled for June 27, but postponed until further notice

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