This program is discontinued as of March 2019

Our new experimental Crew Associate Program is no longer new nor experimental; it is here to stay. It was successful through and through. In 2016 when it was first implemented, five sailors joined the program, and one became full member, even got his own boat. I'm telling you, it's like caviar: once tasted - never put down. No one can resist.

The program is designed for sailors who wants to participate in the races and regattas at our club. Approved applicant will participate as a crew on one of the boats in 24 races and regattas in total scheduled for current year. It is priced very reasonably specifically to attract sailing enthusiasts who don't have their own boats but would like to keep sailing.

Summer 2018 Race and Regattas, Download 2018 Regatta Schedule here

12 Wednesday Races - Fleet 21, Ensign Division
4 Fall Series Races - Fleet 21, Ensign Division
8 Saturday Regattas - Ensign and Division One
Applicant must possess some sailing skills; every candidate will be interviewed and approved by a group of our members.

Hurry! Space is limited. Only 6 spots are available this year. Don't wait, classes start in May. If interested please call Nasim 917-816-1783 or download a Crew Associate Program Application, fill it in and email to

*Please note: Crew Associate Program does not give a successful candidate full benefits of the club membership. Access to Miramar Yacht Club area and its facilities is limited. Please consult with members of the racing committee for details.

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