Ensign 2019 Racing Season

Fleet 21 Race Committee Report for the 2019 season submitted by Rich Lubell Fleet Captain

Our season began in a state of flux and crisis as our capable and reliable chair, Nasim Shamailov, stepped down after three years running this demanding post. With the help of veteran skippers including Barbara Banchik, Leon Paley and myself, we managed to run the full schedule of races.

The best part of the racing season was the active and enthusiastic participation of the newest and youngest cohort of sailors including: Ben Leo, David Dueck, Sharif Khalje, Brie Healy, Maryna Gladyschuck, and Turid Peters. They crewed as needed and pitched in to help produce the after race dinners.

The 2nd year, “sophomores” at Miramar continued to race and contribute to the festivities including David and Sara Shin, Cristin Friley, Andrea Adcock, and Doni Bess. Most of these new members were trained as Ensign sailors by our own Mark Benson who generously gave of his expertise.

The Wednesday night series was hampered early on by several unsettled or stormy days, and some regular skippers were unable to participate due to work commitments. But, nonetheless, eight racing evenings were contested over the 12 week season.

The Saturday trophy races for Ensigns were competitively contested and included many veteran sailors and some itinerant including Jose (El Meneito), Nasim (Silver Surfer), David (Bees Knees), Barbara (Lucky Us), Leon (Celest), Andrew (Uforia), Spiro (Anemos), and Christin (Little Bit). Thanks go out to skippers Mike Obel and Ali Shoenfeld and Irv Shapiro who helped run the races on committee boats.

Leon Paley, our entertainment chair, once again stepped up to provide food and drinks after all the races which always adds to the join and camaraderie of our Ensign Fleet.

Below are the results of the trophy races conducted:

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