Hiding from the storm or....

With no news or reports from Ryan' Facebook page we can only guess why Jzerro turned to closer to land and stopped.

I hope that Ryan decided to wait out a storm or wait for the best tidal timeframe.

At around 4:00AM [roughly 6 hours after passing Straits of Le Maire] Jzerro suddenly changed her course to North-West, toward land. She was making about 6-7 knots, which is kind of slow for Ryan. But as she was getting closer to land she was getting slower and slower. Finally, it looks like Ryan put Jerro at anchor at Bahía Aguirre, 54°54'44.09"S 65°59'19.36"W.

I hope to see in Ryan's next report that he is alright, and just decided to sleepover at the tip of Argentina.

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