Jzerro approaching Cape Horn

Ryan Finn, at present, just clear of the brunt of yet another storm and approaching to the Straits of Le Maire.

Ryan reports: " I was going too fast and have h ad to slow down quite a lot for actually going through the Straits. It can apparently be a real monster and ideally when south bound, you want to go through 1 hour after high tide. That's 11:23 PM locally.

The local scene here is gray skies, 8-12' seas and seabirds everywhere. Before slowing down, Jzerro was surfing at over 20 knots and hours ahead of my model. Waves so close together out here that I buried her bow hard enough to move things inside the boat forward and that was a first for this boat. So I don't mind slowing down. I'm going to get some rest."

Cape Horn marks the point at which the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans meet – which is what makes the passage so treacherous. Extreme low-pressure systems whirl across the sea, creating the dreaded williwaw winds. These gusts are sudden, unpredictable and frequent – and with bigger winds, come bigger waves.

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