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JZERRO entered Gulf Stream, January 22nd Evening position

Since our last post Ryan made a lot of progress sailing SSE and reached Gulf Stream at 14:23 New York time and was 170 miles East of Norfolk.

Needless to say shortly after noon (12:22 EST) wind died down and JZERRO was slowly sailing EbS making on average 3 knots. So, when she entered strong current she began drifting NNE at about 6 knots taking Ryan away further North from his preferred course (at present about 35 miles).

During his planning Ryan was expecting that drift, but was hoping for stronger wind. MeteoEarth website shows stronger westerly winds further East from his current location. Let's hope that overnight and tomorrow Ryan would be able pick up the speed and finally cross mighty Gulf Stream.

Please follow our blog here to track his location; we will update it every 24 hours.

You can also track by yourself via Garmin GPS tracker web-site.

Please note that his position although accurate but will not be updated 24/7, because the signal in the ocean is not always strong enough.

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