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JZERRO is changing course to safety.

According to Ryan' publisher facebook storyline a part of the starboard pod blew up and she is taking water, lots of it. Apparently it happened over 16 hours ago just as JZERRO was entering Gulf Stream.

And while we were guessing how Ryan is going to cross the Gulf Stream he was fighting the elements. That explains the drift and sudden course change to NC/Virginia area.

At present Ryan is heading WSW "upwind on port to get enough distance to sail on starboard slowly with only a storm jib, so the damaged part isn't taking direct hits at speed".

In the latest message that Ryan sends to his publisher he says that the 'band-aid on the pod is holding but not strong enough to sail faster. So in 25 knots wind he is sailing on storm jib making only 6 knots. At this speed he can reach Norfolk in about 27 hours.

As disappointing as any aborted mission can be, we are all saying that perhaps it was for the best that it happened so early and close to shore and not 7000 miles away in the unknow and unfriendly waters.

As we were watching you at Miramar we are absolutely sure that your skills, experience and strength will help to get to safe harbor. You will regroup and complete the mission later. Many eyes are watching the dot on the screen thinking and praying for you. Ryan, we all praying for your safe return.

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