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JZERRO; One more cold night

I wish I can tell your that tonight Ryan has arrived at Hampton Yacht Club and resting now. But it looks like JZERRO and her brave skipper will spend another cold night getting into Chesapeake Bay.

JZERRO finally reached shore 15 miles South of Virginia Beach today by 15:30 EST. From what it looks like Ryan tried changing tack to port to get better angle entering the Bay. But the band-aid on the pod wouldn't let him. For the next 3 hours he was trying to hold his position and do not drift more South than he already did at the same time applying another band-aid on a pod so he could sail North without risking of losing it again. JZERRO began sailing North for Chesapeake Bay at 18:42.

Fortunately, the downwind right now doesn't exceed 10m/h and for the next 24 hours it is forecasted stay calm.

As I am typing these lines JZERRO is only 5 miles SES from Virginia Beach and approximately 25 miles from its destination (Hampton Yacht Club. I pray that in few short hours Ryan will be drinking delicious hot cocoa at Hampton Yacht club where our colleagues already waiting for him.

Please follow our blog here to track his location; we will update it every 24 hours.

You can also track by yourself via Garmin GPS tracker web-site.

Please note that his position although accurate but will not be updated 24/7, because the signal in the ocean is not always strong enough

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