Opening season in new realities

Hello Miramartians  For those of you who don’t know, the Governor has allowed Boatyards and Marinas to recently open up, as long as social distancing is kept, so with that being said Miramar is open for you to come down and enjoy the club once the weather warms up. I am being asked, how is the club going to deal with the new normal. We have been having our BOG meeting via teleconference, and there going very well. One of the motions that was voted on, was since some of our members are affected by this essential work only, we want you to know, that if you need an extension on the second half of your dues, we are extending the deadline to 6/30/20 without late fees. If you need this extended time, please send me an email, so I can get the approval. I hope that only those members affected by the current shut down apply. If you are not affected by this situation, we hope that you will send in your dues. Here are the CURRENT  regulations for those of you who want to go out sailing/boating, which for now is what we have to go by. We are hoping that the restrictions due ease up as time goes by. First and foremost, all the usual rules apply: · You need to limit the people aboard to those family members you share your home with, period—no guests. · You also can’t raft up with other boats or pull up onto a beach close to another boat, as that could put you in close proximity with the occupants. · You also have to be careful to maintain a safe distance from others when doing things like loading up at the marina or fueling the boat. · After doing anything that requires touching an item someone else may have touched, like a marina gate lock or a fuel pump, disinfect by washing your hands or using a hand sanitizer as soon as  I   I have heard that boats have to keep a 50’ distance from each other, but I have been able to find that rule, so once we get that information, it will be passed on accordingly. Another issue as of today anyway, I don’t believe we will be able to have our General Meeting as we know it, so I’m recommending that we postpone it, until the time is right. I would like for the club to have the opening ceremony on Sunday May 17, 2020  at 1pm, so we can start our season off right. I understand that with social distancing that it will have to be handled differently, so what I would like to see is if you want to be part of this ceremony, please email me with an RSVP, so we can plan on how many members want to be there. We are also discussing taping it for you to be able to see it on our website, if your unable to attend. We will also plan on having the parking spot raffle immediately after opening ceremonies. If you are  not able to be there you can also send in a check marked parking raffle, and we will complete your tickets and add you name into the picks. In a separate email I will send out the pricing for the raffles, as I don’t recall the exact pricing at this time In order for the club to remain compliant with the Governor’s order of social distancing, we are planning to section off our grounds so we can have tables of 6, in various parts of the grounds. We are putting together a plan for how we will deal with getting on and off the Tender. We will be limiting the tender to maximum  of 6 including the Tender Operator.  Some other issues to be aware of, is we may not have access to the pool this years, and again that’s of today; the Ballroom will be closed for member parties, although we will also be setting tables and chairs upstairs to accommodate social distancing also. Another change unfortunately is there is a delay in printing of the logs, that Kathleen Higgins, Ollie Albert, and Kristin Friley have been working on, since all commercial printers are closed. The logs  be available once they open up. Our seasonal calendar is also subject to change. We are not planning to have a sailing class at least in May, we are hoping to reschedule once we get the go ahead. From what I have been able to determine is most of our activities for May will be postponed, except Commissioning Ceremonies. I will do my best to keep you all updated as things change. Although I do not want to stop you from bringing your guests to the club, I would like to request they be kept to a minimum, until we can work out all these kinks to be able to use our club to its maximum ability. We are really lucky to be able to spend time out on the water, or relaxing at the club, or on our boats, as we deal with all of our unknowns at this time. I am insisting that all of our members adhere to social distancing, and wear masks as often as possible, since we want to protect ourselves and all of our members. Although Carlos is doing a good job, disinfecting for us, it’s up to all of us to also clean up your areas, and wash down with soap and water when we leave the area. I believe as New Yorker’s we are a strange group, and will work out whatever we have to do, to enjoy our season. My hopes as times goes on, is restrictions will ease, and we will can celebrate with a great Miramar party. I will say there was a nice group of members at the club yesterday, enjoying the nice day, and everyone kept there distance and had masks on. If anyone has any suggestions or recommendations on any of the above issues, please feel free to contact me. And again, please come down and enjoy the club for all its beauty.  Stay well and safe, Pattie Cunningham  Commodore

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