Romer Shoal 2019

Romer Shoals Light Regatta 2019

On a blustery Saturday, Sept. 14th, with winds blowing from the south at 15-20 knots, five intrepid skippers and their crew took off on the annual Romer Light race.

The course began on a windward beat out from SB3 to Rockaway 13, and then turned out on a beam reach to Coney Island 7, just past the pier. The tide was runing out for until 3 pm, so it helped lift the boats up towards the Romer Light.

The race started with five boats including Obsession, Sail la vie, Stardust, Hooligan and Win Dancer. But Stardust and Win Dancer withdrew early owing to the weather and rigging issues.

The steady southerly winds had built 3-5 ft. waves out at Ambrose, so when the boats turned south heading to Romer Light, they heeled hard and the crews struggled to maintain their balance by reefing their mains and trimming their headsails. But with the tide still flowing out at 2 knots, the boats were moving swiftly toward the light house.

A fast Obsession, skippered by Andrew Shabalin ( with his daughter Maria and Andy Snyder as crew) turned the Light first, followed by Sail La Vie, skippered by Joe Calvaruso (with John Berman and Leonid Shkolnik as crew)

They held their position on the downwind broad reach to the finish. Hooligan, with Spiro Carras skippering (and Leon Paley and David Duoek crewing) finished third.

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