You don’t need a car to own a boat and go sailing . . .

In fact you don’t need to own a boat to sail!

If you talk to boat owners about how far they are from where they keep their boats, you will often hear them say, I’m only 60 miles from where my boat is berthed, or it’s only about a two-hour drive, without traffic!  We in New York City are lucky in that it is possible to keep your boat only a few miles from your home, and the cost is not exorbitant (unlike many other things in NYC).  If you keep your boat in Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn, at Miramar Yacht Club, it’s fully possible to have a boat and access to it, even without a car.

Miramar is readily accessible by public transit.  The B and Q subway lines to Sheepshead Bay Road and the B-4 Bus  (or a pleasant 20 minute walk) or the 2 or 5 to Flatbush and the B-44 Bus will all get you within a block of Miramar.  Several of our members bike to the Club, and some even come by skateboard.  Other alternatives include an express bus from Manhattan and Uber.  Where there is the will, there is a way.

Once you get to Miramar, the next step is to go sailing.  Of course this is best done on your own boat, but even without a boat, the sailing opportunities are there. Members with boats are often looking for crew to help sail their boats and enjoy the water.  Crew are especially welcome for races when extra hands are a plus.  If you are new to sailing and want to learn, there are members who will be glad to teach you the ropes.   If you know how to sail, Miramar has an Ensign sailboat available for members to sail on their own.

Don’t let the lack of a car or the lack of a boat keep you from enjoying time on the water.  Remember, a bad day sailing is better than a good day at the office!

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