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Learn to sail in Brooklyn

Embark on the sail of a lifetime! At Miramar Yacht Club, we believe sailing is for everyone, regardless of experience. Many of our members, once novices, have embraced the art of sailing by becoming volunteer crew members. Here, sailing isn't just a pastime; it's a welcoming journey for all.

Annual Introductory Class

Join our annual introductory class every June, a perfect blend of instruction, on-water practice, and a delightful barbecue. This class, inclusive for members and open to non-members for a nominal fee, sets you on a course to master the waves.

New York Sailing Center Partnership

For those seeking a comprehensive sailing education and the ability to command our ready boats, we proudly recommend the New York Sailing Center. As an American Sailing Association (ASA) Certification Facility, they bring a wealth of knowledge right to Miramar's doorstep.

ASA Certification Courses

New York Sailing Center offers a spectrum of courses catering to all levels, from beginner essentials to advanced bareboat cruising and coastal navigation. Many of our members are proud graduates, seamlessly transitioning from the school to Miramar's vibrant community. As a Miramar member, you enjoy exclusive discounts on NYSC courses.

On-Water Learning Experience

What sets New York Sailing Center apart is its hands-on approach. Most courses are conducted on the club's "ready" boats, and graduates are pre-qualified to captain them as Miramar members. Private lessons, both on Ready Boats and owners' boats, offer tailored learning experiences.


Discover More

Curious to witness the seamless synergy between New York Sailing Center and Miramar Yacht Club? Explore their site at to catch a glimpse of their students in action right here at Miramar.

Unlock the thrill of sailing with Miramar Yacht Club — where every voyage is a story waiting to be written!

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