Miramar Yacht Club welcomes all new members, regardless of their skills, status, race or religion. It doesn't matter that you've never sailed before; important fact is  - you are an explorer. You will start sailing the very first day you walk through our gate; it's a promise. Our members are always available to assist you any way possible. All prospective members are treated with courtesy and friendship, no pressure. You will never be left confused or unattended. Joining is easy. To encourage you to join us we offer special introductory rate for you first season for membership. There are a few formalities, of-course, but our process for membership is designed to ensure that all prospect members learn all aspects of being miramartian: joy and responsibilities, ease and hard work.

A lot of people are dreaming of going out to sea on their sailboat by themselves, but they never get to sail because they think: "it is expensive", or "I need to buy a boat", or "it is difficult and dangerous". The truth of the matter is - yes, it takes some commitment, nothing is free, but not what you might think. And yes, without the boat there is no going out, but ... she doesn't have to be your own, right? In fact, most our new members don't have boats, but after a year or so they get one. We can't say that it is easy or not dangerous, but you went through high school, right? So, you'll be all right. Smile, come in, find out for yourself. You will be surprised.

Our membership process, which is outlined below, is not complicated. Just download an application, fill in application and information sheet and email back to us. We will contact you to invite you for an interview. That is it. If all goes well you will walk out a member and that day will become the first day of the Other part of your life.

To start the ball rolling you need to let us know that you are interested in joining the club. There are three ways to do that.
1. Download 2022 membership application and Information Sheet. Fill them in, scan and email it to us.
2. Call (718) 769-3548 (Option 3). If no one answers, just leave a message with your contact information. A member of our committee will contact you.
3. Just come in and knock on the door. We will take it over from there. Our address is at the bottom of this page.