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Sailing in Brooklyn NYC at sunset
The best vacation for your staycation

A cooperative yacht club in Brooklyn for sailors of all stripes

The 2024 Ensign Regional Regatta  June 22-23, Brooklyn NY   

All About Us

Miramar Yacht Club was founded in 1932 as a place for boating enthusiasts to enjoy an excellent Brooklyn sail, catch up with friends, take in the view or kick back and relax. Our members make Miramar Yacht Club so special — young and old, some new, some who learn how to sail at Miramar, some with long family histories at our yacht club, who work together to keep the club shipshape. 

Pearson Ensign Splash Heeling Sailboat Race Brooklyn

Loved by
Friends & Families

Sailing has never crossed my mind as something that I was passionate enough about to want to make a lifelong hobby, but it is now. If you have the opportunity to sail with Miramar Yacht Club, definitely try it at least once! It's quite the adventure :)


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